October 3, 2012

Inspirational blogs; part I

As much as I love blogging; I love watching other blogs even more! Trust me, I am an addict. 'Hello my name is Tess and I'm a blogaholic......' There are just só many gorgeous blogs (and accessory bloggers) out there, how can a girl not get hooked? So now I feel like putting them in the spotlight. I'm going to share my favourite blogs with you from now on. Here are the first two pretty ladies, whose styles and blogs inspire me every time I visit them.

This fashionable Dutch lady brightens my day every time I visit her blog. She just oozes positive energy in every single picture. Which I think is amazing! I find it very hard to smile in pictures, because I'm actually very shy when it comes to cameras... you should see the collection of 'awkward' faces I make while making outfit pictures haha. The fact that Chloë is very well dressed just completes the picture. Her style is a mixture of high streed, designer and vintage... just the way I like it. Say hi to the lady with the pretty smile!

When you go searching for 'thrifting' in a dictionary; this foxy ladys picture is probably printed next to the terminology of the term. Shana is a thrift queen a galore; and she doesn't mind sharing her thrifty adventures. I have just discovered this blog and I am already hooked. Following her thrifty ways is just a great past time. Not to forget that she is véry beautiful and has great style too.... just look at that a-ma-zing figure people. One can only say 'WOW Shana!'


  1. Leuke blogs, ik lees Chloë hare elke dag :)

  2. Bedankt voor je berichtje, de bovenste is inderdaad heel leuk!

  3. Ah wat leuk!! Super bedankt om mij hierboven te vernoemen! Je blog is leuk! X


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