October 12, 2012

A Primark look with a touch of vintage; part I

I have this 'weird' little habbit.... Whenever I go shopping, I find myself cruising for total looks. Throughout the day I put all the items I like in a little storage box in my head, while mixing and matching them in my mind. Comming home with not just random items, but a complete set is just so satisfying hahaha... Do you ever do that? Or do you think I'm just one flight away from the cuckoo's nest? 
Primark is the best store for one as myself to undertake such an one-day-one-look adventure. There is a lot, A LOT to choose from and the prices are very good. And although I apparently don't have a Primark fit (really, the skirts and dresses skankaliciously short on me most of the time), I always manage to find nice things. The other day I went there with a darling girlfriend of mine, I even managed to shop two total looks. Here is the first look! The dress ends above the knee which is long enough for me, and the booties are killers if you ask me... the powder coloured clutch is a bit of a clash, but I tend to like a bit of a clash every once in a while.

Dress: 19,-
Booties: 15,-
Clutch: 9,-
Tights: 3,-
Earrings: 0.75 (thrifted)
= 46.75


  1. Like it!
    Does the dress have a nice length? I also find everything obnoxiously small there in terms of covering my ass but not my legs :/

  2. Ik doe dat ook weleens, maar vooral voor speciale gelegenheden. Bijvoorbeeld: ik ga in maart naar Londen voor een concert van Caro Emerald in de Royal Albert Hall en hiervoor wil ik echt de perfecte over de top 50s outfit voor bij elkaar shoppen. Dat wordt mijn projectje! :) Leuke outfit heb je bij elkaar geshopt!


  3. Wow! Ik ben echt verbaasd dat de schoenen bij de Primark vandaan komen, ze zijn leuk!
    Bij welke Primark ben je geweest?

  4. I love this! I am so jealous..I would wear that in a min..I love the bag too, and the earrings. I find that I usually buy randomly..but maybe that is why I have soo much. I have started here and there putting things together. Love if you ever get tired of this outfit..this chic here would LOVE to have it..u know how to find me..lol

  5. Wauw heel mooi, alles, de jurk, de clutch, die schoenen! Ik ben ook best wel gek op de Primark en nu ik dit zo zie begint het weer erg te kriebelen. En wat een aanwinst zijn die oorbellen zeg!

  6. I must admit, I haven't stepped into a Primark for years due to their poor ethics and and their clothes' tendency to fall apart after a short amount of time. I'd rather spend a longer time buying classic pieces which go together than get it all at once. The idea of 'fast fashion' just isn't sustainable, and so many of their synthetic clothes going to landfill after they inevitably fall apart is really quite disastrous. I'd be interested to hear whether you have a different experience with your chosen items! :)

    1. I have to say; some of my most frequently worn 'new' items are Primark (next to vintage of course.) I have been running around in two pairs of Primark shoes for years... and the all my tights/socks are Primark because I actually find them to be quite resilliant. Some 15deniers tights I have worn over 10 times now.

      I tend to check the quality out while shopping, and I just don't take home the items that are constructed poorly. Of course items are sometimes faulty, but I also experience this with labels higher up the chain.

      I guess I now just know what to pick now.... but I do absolutely agree this does not go for a lot of the collections; unfortunately the average quality level is still quite low.


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