August 17, 2012

The perfect stranger

Finding vintage treasures is always on my mind. I have been doing this for years and I have gone through thousands and thousands of pretty things. From dresses to kitchenary; finding that one special item what it's all about. One of the routines I find very soothing, is running my fingers through a huge bin of antique pictures. How I love staring at vintage faces and scenes from the past... It's just one of the best past times if you'd ask me. Of course I have a weakness for every picture with fashion on it. But I am also very much intrigued by early 20th century portraits because the people in the portraits are always so dead serious. And very groomed I might add. Which I understand... taking pictures in the beginning of the 20th century had to be a true undertaking. You had to sit still for a long time, and since the possibility of digital selection and photoshop was non existent, I can imagine one always trying to look their absolute best. With that in mind, I was suprised by this portrait.
The dashing young man in the picture seems to be 'kind of' groomed, but his hair is just all over the place. Not much like all the coamed faces I usually find going through vintage portaits. The 'unusuall-ness' of this made the picture so interesting to me, I had to take it home. Gazing a bit more at the handsome man, I discovered another thing. He seems to be very tall, most men weren't at the first decades of the 20th century haha. Might he have been a boared farmer, pressured into having his portrait taken... when he didn't feel like it? Maybe a big shy lumberjack who was feeling uncomfortable in a suit? Or was he just a dandy young fellow wearing his hair in a rebelious way....? I'm not sure what to think about him... but I do know I find him to be very handsome and maybe even modern looking (really... just look at that face... like he could be standing in line ordering a tall Americano in front of you at Starbucks hihi.) So what do you think about this tall drink of water? 


  1. Please zap me back to the past to meet this one! Gorgeous :)

  2. He looks a bit like Marnix, especially the eyes :-D Nice photoshop!

    1. Haha it's not! And he does look like Marnix indeed....

  3. Hihi hij is wel een lekker ding om t maar simpel te zeggen. ;-))

  4. Strip away the bushy facial hair...or perhaps leave it and deck him out in some hipster garb, and he does have a certain modern air, I completely agree.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I agree with Jessica, he looks very hipster-ish. All he needs is a tight band shirt or something like that. I think he´s a total dandy, not a farmer. And his hair is so shiny, I´d love to touch it! ;)


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