August 18, 2012

Fancy hats & oysters

So this is where I wore my thirties inspired outfit to; the most extravagant lunch at the Rechtbank in Utrecht. Me and my husband met the beautiful Tante Patent and her hubby for a bite. We ended up staying there for hours, drinking (lots of) wine and eating sexy food! The garden where we were sitting was just the most divine location for an elaborate afternoon dinner like that.
I  love meeting up with Tante and her husband. They are people who still believe in class from the past. My heart always breaks when I realize that fashion, romance and style are slowly 'dying off' in this modern society. Most people just don't seem to value dressing up anymore. Let alone honouring traditions, like pulling out the chair for your lady.... And that's why meeting these lovely people is so much fun; they always arrive in style and they do still believe in tradition. The fact that they also appreciate good food, propper wine and enjoying life made it the perfect sunday!
The beautiful garden where we sat was in between these pretty buildings

Marnix enjoyed the most adorable '12-uurtje' I'd ever seen

Tante's hubby and the surroundings

What a beauty!

Now that's the way women should carry their sigarettes.... so classy (L)

That wine was delicious

And these oysters were as heavenly!

Hats a galore

Smile pretty lady :D

Marnix made a cute little friend that day

I did as well; but mine ended up in my belly

Hihi we had great fun shooting these pictures...

What might he have been thinking....

Gorgeous jewelry!

Close-up on the shoes

Figs, Parma ham, parmesan and scallops (L)


I was so happy my hat wasn't blown away by the strong wind that day haha



  1. You both look stunning, very classy ;) I wished I could pull off a look like that

    1. Oh I'm sure there is a classy look like this to suit you darling :)

  2. Geweldige foto's! Met die lantaarnpaal is zo classic en leuk! :)

  3. Looks like a lovely day, and Tante looked so gorgeous!

    And I still think dressing up is fine. And a really pretty sight;)

  4. The elegant hats, the alluring gloves, the chicer-than-chic cigarette holder, it's all so divisively, fashionably wonderful!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I am in love with these vintage looks! You both are so beautiful! Incredible hats!!!



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