August 3, 2012

Hola señoritas!

I'm back from Spain and I had a BLAST! I can't even describe how incredibly amazing it was... Oh my god. The campsite we stayed at was literaly on top of a mountain, in a horse reserve just above Barcelona. The weather was as gorgeous as the view... just  imagine waking up staring into a green valley every morning. We went there with my family (dads side), a lovely bunch of 17 people in total! The second day we were there, I celebrated my 25th birthday and my mum even came over for a special b-day visit. How cute is that! I do believe it was the best b-day party I ever had!
I'll dedicate a few posts to this Spain trip, since we visited many different places and we wined and dined A LOT. So you can imagine I made lots of pictures. Let me start by showing you the campsite, the surroundings and some b-day pics.
A huge BBQ setting... amazing for throwing a big party!

Kitty kitty kittyyy.....

Beautiful nightfall

Our close friends (L)

The table setting for my b-day BBQ

Daaadddyyyy the grilling machine

This dog was in love with me... it was mutual


Grilling samon my brother made

Trying to make a wodka mellon... It kinda worked....

My dad's girlfriend enjoying the kiddie pool

So pretty....


Some of the horses from the reserve

Whieh cute lanterns!

Chillin step brother haha

My darling mummy gave me a Dior perfume set (L) 
My campsite kitty


  1. Dat ziet eruit als een topvakantie! Heerlijk!

  2. Welcome back!
    Looks like a great vacation! Kitties, BBQ 's, swimming and sun... <3

    And I love your pink suit, do you have a better picture when you're wearing it?

  3. wauw ziet er geweldig uit, bijna sprookjesachtig!
    Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

  4. aah dat klinkt en ziet er als geweldige vakantie uit (:


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