June 8, 2012

Finish the look: basic 1950s

So here is some info on 1950s accessories in general. You can use this when you are in need of some fifties-style advice... you can use this in addition to the 'create the New Look' bit I posted earlier. Typical fifties shoes are pumps with kitten heels. I HATE those... please shoot me now if I ever have to wear them... I can't even look at them without feeling nauseas. I like high high heels. So I will not dedicate more time on those tiny heel-wannabees haha.
Semi s-shapes heels are the best!
The only thing in my wardrobe I prefer to be modern at all times are shoes, but I do like it when they are vintage inspired. For that fifties look, a peeptoe is a good way to go but pointy toes can look very authentic too. The shoes can be decorated with bows for instance, and t-straps or ankle straps can look good too. The heels were usually slim, but they can we a bit more chunky as well (note: not seventies-Abba-chunky.) A heel with the right 'curve' (alsmost an s-shape, see picture) makes almost every shoe fifty-ish. Concerning the height, choose what you like. A very high heel is modern, but as long as the shape/colour of the shoe is fifties I'd say 'go for it.' I myself either wear high heels or no heels. If you do not like heels or find them uncomfortable; take Audrey Hepburn as an example. She is the queen of cute loafers/weejuns and ballerina-like shoes that where also popular footwear in the fifties.
See the difference...
Pearls were the most seen in jewelry. Earrings as well as necklaces, and both were mostly short (NO long dangly earrings or 1920s pearl-strings...) Lucite and bakelite were popular materials for accessories as well, you can find a lot of original bracelets and clip-op earrings still.
Some fiftie-ish loafers of mine
Short tied up scarves of scarves as headbands can complete the fifties look, as long as they're not too heavy and big. The final, but not least important thing, handbags! And with that I mean cute purses and clutches, not big shoppers and absolutely no shoulder bags (beach totes excepted.) A handbag or a clutch is what was worn, it was a time where women didn't need to bring they're phones and tablets with them after all....


... it makes my day!