June 8, 2012

Sunset boulevard

Hmmm this bikini makes me long for those hot and sexy summer nights, where a nice and cold cocktail is all you can think about while watching the sunset. I love the patter so much, but the fit even more. I have to say that the top is a wee bit on the tight side, but the bottom is fantastic. I prefer bikini bottoms to be higher in the waist when you´re curvy like me.
The Mink Pink skirt I scored at a sample sale goed very well with the natural vintage colours in the H&M for Water bikini. So dear hot summer; here I come!


  1. Lovin the bathing suit! Your blog is so cute..I am glad that I found it.

  2. ik heb die bikini ook besteld! vind 'm zooo tof :)


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