July 6, 2014

Trips: Muddy Roots 2014

Beer, dirt, banjos, crazy people and a SHITLOAD of fun.... Hello Muddy Roots Europe! This June we headed for hick-town Waardamme to dance our boots of in the Belgian country side. Muddy Roots is a small and cozy festival, where everyone starts to feel like one big crazy-assed family within minutes. There really is no need for putting on pretty dresses, or even wear make-up.... The atmosphere allows for everyone to let it all go for a few days and just PARTY all day long. We had such a freaking BLAST and met the most amazing people.... 
This is just a Tribute...

Our little friend Logan was there all weekend <3

Gotta love these three guys from Rotterdam!

Bluegrass Boogiemen <3

Meet Dolly Wilson....

....and some of the weirdest Brits.....

Oooh my golly-lolly-liciousness


Ugliness rules.

Hello KICK-ASS people!

Some swimming to rinse the dirt of in between. What a blessing that was...


Booby pictures, of course...

LOVED their show <3

Musician selfies!

WHOOP there she goes!

All I can say.... 
join us next year for another round of YIIHAAAH fun!

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  1. Nope, I'm sorry. Your teeth are too good, and no one is fat enough. Europeans make terrible hicks. USA! #1!
    In all seriousness, it looks like you had a lot of fun. I actually love bluegrass, and it makes me really happy to know that people in other parts of the world are also involved in it.
    Jessica, cakesandcakesvintage.blogspot.com


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