May 1, 2014

Trips: Paaspop Festival

As most of you will know by now the beautiful Madame de Pompadour, hairstylist pur sang, is one of my dearest vintage friends. Together with the mesmerizing La Fee Verte (who now has a STUNNING new website) and the dapper chaps from Schorem, Madame travelled to Schijndel this year to work at Paaspop festival. The stand was gorgeous and HUGE, the weather was amazing and the line-up sensational. I was there as well and took my rusty old camera with me to snap you some shots to portay the great athmosphere and some vintage heads! 

My oh my did we have a BLAST! The ladies and gents were working their asses off creating the most amazing vintage hairstyles. Seriously, if you ever want your man to look like vintage eye candy; send them to Schorem! I have seen many men transform from modern day normal to deliciously yummy... And the scumbags themselves are quite the sight for sore eyes as well. It was an absolute treat to watch these vintage hair guru's work their magic for three days. Not to forget that these are all kind, fun and lovely crazy people.... So make sure you get to experience them somewhere this year, because the festival season promises to bring this bunch to several more locations this year! Stay updated on where to find the vintage delegation and follow our adventures through FB or Instagram!

And of course we got to party a bit when the sun went down....

See you there next time?

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