January 16, 2014

My Life: Fifties Darling withdrawal

When life gives you lemons...

You make lemonade! And that is why I decided to try something new with this blog: write. My camera has been an absolute pain lately, as it does not seem to focus most of the times, and my blogging has suffered from it immensely. I do not like that, in fact I quite hate it. I love making pictures and blogging about my adventures, so I really miss doing all that at this point. Now, I have not really been much of a writer before. So I do hope you will bear with me during this picture drought, until I will be able to afford a new camera (since we spend a lot of our savings on a new bathroom over the last few months).

The New Year started off quite rough, there was a death in the family and I got struck with a lovely case of bronchitis. A quickie confession; I truly suck at being sick, for some inexplicable reason I tend to ignore the signs for as long as I can as I continue my everyday life while my body slowly unrigs. Quite the disturbing phenomena for the people surrounding me I can imagine, since in this particular case I finally ended up barking like a drowning baby seal, resulting in not being able to speak. My voice was completely gone from time to time, interspersed with moments of sounding like crow witch. Not very convenient when my job is to dress people, I often need my voice since my signing skills are of the minimum (although I did experience a small ‘Switched at Birth’ crush some time ago).
Yes, I decided to put my dearly departed granny in between two saucy Burlesque dancers (spotted at a recent party which was AWESOMMEEEEE) Why? Because she urged us to think about her and look back on her better days smiling.

Don't you think I look like her (a lot.....)?

Fortunately, there was Benedict Cumberbatch with his new season of Sherlock to get me through. God how I love love LOVE this tv series about the quirky modern day version of the historical figure that has tantalized our imaginations for over a century. Holmes has always been an object of interest to me, but the BBC series with Benedict have really blown my mind. Each episode takes you on an exciting murderlicious adventure which makes you sit on the edge of your seat while it riddles the hell out of you. YAY for the new season!

By the way… Have you kittens noticed I try to use Instagram on a more regular base? I felt that I owed you at least some form of imagery, so I have been posting vintage related snapshots over the last few weeks. You like…. Or is Instagram (like Twitter I heard) a big NAY?
Nice and blurry these good old Instagram collages... Love the ILV kitten dress though

Anyhow, the next couple of weeks will have some good outings for me in store. Next weekend will be all about getting our Roar on (no, not the Katy Perry version) as we are looking forward to a Great Gatsby party hosted by Scotch&Soda. Bless my lucky stars for just having found the ultimate flapper dress in England (remember…).  What are the odds! Also, I will be helping out with the styling for a vintage wedding dress fashion show by Pioen Vintage. Make sure to check it out if your dearest popped the magical question recently.

On top of that, my luscious love Madame de Pompadour has opened her new salon this week (Oudegracht 268, Utrecht). The place is absolutely STUNNING <3<3<3 Feel very free to visit her royal stylistness for some hairdo TLC, to indulge yourself in the vintage gorgeousness kept in the treasure caves underneath the salon (yes….. you will find fashion in the ancient cellars as well) or to simply feast your eyes on the beautiful interior. Madame did an absolutely marvelous job putting together the new salon; it is TO DIE FOR gorgeous!
Quickie snapshot from the new Madame de P. window display! <3

Very well, I can imagine your tension span has reached its end by now. Aaaaahnd it’s gone… Or at least I hope you managed to stick with it till the end haha. I have never liked the first few months in a new year, but I am pretty sure this year will be different with all the fun stuff coming up. I will continue to Instagram you dears silly and I hope I’ll be able to put together more blog posts as well. Keep you posted!


  1. Klinkt inderdaad als een slecht begin van het nieuwe jaar! Mijn vriend heeft een beetje dezelfde neiging als het op ziek zijn aankomt. Anyway, ik vind het heel leuk dat je nu op Instagram post! Keep it up!

    XX Sonja

  2. My dear, I'm very sorry to hear about your family's lost last year. We experienced a very painful one as well when my mother-in-law passed quite suddenly from a stroke in September (she wasn't in tip-top health by any means, but we had no reason to suspect her time was so near when it did come).

    With all my heart, I hope that you have a far better year in 2014 (and I'm really looking forward to your text filled posts - I love it when bloggers write multi-paragraph posts).

    ♥ Jessica


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