October 9, 2013

Outfit: Dress of coat?

As I tried this rosy pink dress on at the store, I knew I would  not wear it. It is made of wool and that is too much for my warm self to handle. But I just loved the shade and shape so much, I took it home anyways. Once home I tried the dress on once more and since I am lazy too: slipped the buttoned open dress on over my outfit. I then quickly discovered the full skirt of the dress-coat fits my fuller circle skirts like a glove! And voilá! I found a way of wearing my pink love, without being consumed by her impeccable isolation skills <3

Dress/coat: 50s vintage (Episode)
Blouse: vintage (Episode)
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: H&M
Purse: vintage (Episode)
Tights: Top Vintage
Accessories: vintage/thrifted


  1. Marvelous styling! I have a couples of vintage frocks that can work as (light weight) coats or dresses, too. There's something really appealing about having that kind of versatility in one piece. You look really lovely, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a beautiful dress / coat !!! <3

  3. Good idea :)! It goes perfectly with this skirt. Really beautiful.

  4. Oh wauw... wat een te gek gave outfit!

  5. Such a beautiful outfit. Love the velvet bow & the dress it looks really nice open. picture number two is my fave!

  6. That's such a nice outfit. I like your green velvet bow & the dress looks great worn open. Perfect for this sort of weather. Picture number two is my favourite Love VV xxx

  7. Great pictures and a lovely outfit! :)


  8. Looks fabulous like that! Just beautiful.

  9. Lovely outfit! I also love the added effect of polka dots:) Very beautiful place to photograph at.

  10. I totally LOVE the dress/coat! And those shoes, they're so perfect! I have the same shoes, but they're not quite wearable in Groningen, where the pavement is not heel-proof...


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