September 14, 2013

Tips&history: Mr. Selfridges

Is there anything better, than to drift away on a sea of fashion history? I reckon there is not... therefore I away get psyched when a new costume drama series pops up. My most recent discovery has been 'Mr. Selfride' which a lovely colleague of mine pointed out to me. A series filled with historic fashion imagery since the story is about Selfridges warehouse in Londen during the last years of La Belle Epoque. A true delight, absolutely lovely to watch. Great imagery, lovely casting and a cute 'Brittish' story....

Since a picture says more then a thousand words and a movie is filled with a thousand pictures.... I say watch the Mr. Selfridge trailer to see if this is something you kittens would like to watch....


  1. Mr Selfridge is ok......if you want something super fabulous - look up 'The Paradise' we had season 1 here in the UK last year and season 2 starts very soon.
    Its on youtube........It's amazing :)It can before Mr Selfridge too
    Just type 'The Paradise episode 1'

    (Dear Thirty)

    1. I have seen The Paradise! Splendid indeed :)

  2. Lovvvve it ! On which ( Dutch) channel can we watch it ?x

  3. You can view season 1here:


... it makes my day!