May 1, 2013

Collection: Top 5 jewelry

Oooh I don't like picking favorites! But since some of you darlings asked I decided to get over myself and so I rallied up a top five of my favorite vintage jewelry pieces at this point. Some because if the emotional value, some because I think they're gorgy-gorgeous and in most cases both....

This adorable gold plated watch is a bit too big... which I love, because it makes the watch fit like a charm bracelet. There are four little rhinestones set in the clockwork, which I guess is just that extra shiny treat for the one wearing this watch. I thrifted this darling for 12.50 and I have already worn it many many times. Such a steal!

My wedding ring! Of course this beauty had to be on my list. The ring and matching earrings are made from 'mystic topaz' and diamonds in a gold setting. We found this set in a tiny antique shop in Utrecht called 'Oud Holland.' I instantly loves the green/purple deepness in the topaz. As I tried the ring on the sales lady said to me 'I already know you will never find a ring more suitable to your personality than this one.' And as I tried on several rings after this one, I soon discovered she was right!

My favorite necklace is this Jugendstil gold plated locket with gold chain. I got the chain at a bankruptcy sale a few years ago and it's just so delicate and pretty. This combination is my favorite, but I do occasionally wear the chain with a different pendant. I fell in love with this locket because of it's shine and shape. I like the fact that the three little stones are different, two rhinestones and one darling little ruby. Give the pendant just that little bit of extra specialness.

My most recent purchase... this silver ring I stumbled upon at a little novelty store (Oude Pijpenlade) in Utrecht. The sales lady wasn't sure weather it was a cut glass stone or citrine, but I'm happy with it either way. The stone is cut so brilliantly it shines and sparkles all day long. The picture really doesn't do this beauty justice. The stone is so  flawless and sparkly, which is hard to capture in a picture. Do you kittens happen to know more about rings like this?

Last but not least, my cameo loves! I found the brooch at a flea market for a tenner and I think the portrait is just divine.... so detailed! I can wear this brooch as a pendant, but I never do. The ring is actually some tourist novelty I took home from a styling strip to Napoli. I had been wanting a cameo ring for a while, so stumbling upon this beauty while searching for limoncello was a welcome surprise  It was cheap as well (39 euros), but it is gold plated and the cameo is authentic. So to me it is priceless!


  1. Heel leuk om te zien! Ik vind vooral je trouwring echt prachtig! Leuk verhaal erbij ook!

  2. What a sweet, heartfelt, wonderful look at some of the jewelry pieces that you hold nearest and dearest. I really like each of the items that made your cut, and know that if I ever put together a similar list, my engagement and wedding rings would be on it, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. My favourites are your wedding ring and earrings, and the locket... so beautiful!


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