January 14, 2013

Edith Heads Hollywood

I have to say I never fully realized the unmistakable influence Hollywood fashion had on fashion trends throughout the 20th century. Of course the up rise and popularity of the Golden Era had to leave it's marks on fashion history, but the gravity of those influences are impressive. So impressive that many books have been written about it. A close friend of mine recommended I'd read the book 'Edith Head's Hollywood' since Edith was without a doubt one of the most influential Hollywood designers out there. Having read the book, I can only do the same and recommend it to you guys. The story telling is great (a combination of a factual biography written by P and Edith's own career diary) and the whole book is educative from front to cover. Let me tell you a little bit about the book to get you in the mood....
Born late 19th century, Edith started her working career as a teacher. During the early twenties, teachers did not get paid during the summer holidays, so Edith (as well as all the other teachers in that time) had to find a summer job in order to pay her rent. This is how she came to work as a sketch artist at Paramount. She manipulatively babbled her way through a job interview, knowing she wasn't specialized in drawing human figures at all. In fact, she was a promising landscape artist... but that had little to do with sketching costumes. This summer job soon opened Head's eyes as she discovered working as a costume designer was the drive she needed in life. Having great artist like Travis Banton as her mentor, Edith grew into one of the most (if not, thé) influential costume designers Hollywood has ever know. 
'Edith Head's Hollywood' takes you on a tour through Hollywood's most famous movies from the twenties till far up the 20th century, with almost every famous star imaginable from that era being dressed by Edith. It is amazing to know the story (and detailed description) about each design and incredibly interesting to know which fashion trends arised from Head's costumes. From the sarong Dottie Lamour wore in 'The Jungle Princess' to the LBD Hepburn wore in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' the tiny Edith Head was responsible for their transformation to the latest fashion trends. The book also gives you an idea on the personality of the different stars Edith works with, as there are a lot of passages in the book written by Head herself. Those encounters and relations is what gives the book that little extra flavor which makes the pages fly through your fingers...
So if you are as infatuated with fashion history, costume details and old Hollywood as me; get your hands on this book and let it take you on a sea of vintage dreams! What do you recon ladies and gents?


  1. Sounds likea fun read, I anm going to have to check this out, thanks.

  2. You look stunning..and I love the clutch.. to die for. Those sketches are amazing!

  3. This looks really fabulous, thanks for the review I will be looking it up.


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