December 17, 2012

Thrifting heaven: Het Goed Emmen

I have seen many thrift stores in my life. Some of them big, some small, some horrible, some amazing, some were cheap...others incredibly expensive... The variety in thrift stores is HUGE! My experience is that you should give every TS a chance, because you will never know what you may just have to know how to look. This is why I made a 'guide' on how to thrift a while ago, with some tips&trics on finding those hidden treasures. As I am from the center of the country, I mostly go thrifting in the Randstad. But the other day, when I was with family up north, I visited the local thrift store Het Goed in Emmen.
I think this has to be one of the best thrift stores in The Netherlands. It's big, clean, various and cozy! They actually put some thought into making the store more appealing, by assorting the merchandise by category and color. Which works great! The clothing area almost looks like a vintage shop and the furniture is neatly organized by era and make. The atmosphere and vibe over there is just so great, you can easily spend hours of your time there. The perfect location for a day trip. Because to top it off, they even have a snack corner where you can order all different kinds of delicacies for baby prices. I say; go check it out when you're in the neighborhood!

Oh and I'll be showing you my purchases very soon!


  1. Dank voor de tip! Ik kom zelf uit het Noorden, dus dit is zeker een aanrader

    xoxo, Femke
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  2. Wonderful, jut take me there, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Emmen is voor mij niet ver weg! Gauw een bezoekje brengen dan maar, want het ziet er leuk uit! Ik ben benieuwd naar je aankoopjes.

  4. What an amazing thrift store! If I went there I would never be able to leave! It looks so amazing! Can't wait to see your purchases!


  5. Oh lucky you. I saw one great hat and one great piece of furniture.

  6. The hats! The shoes! The vanity! What a great, great thrift store. I want to go! :)

  7. Het Goed in Emmen is inderdaad fantastisch!De aankleding wordt om de zoveel tijd veranderd en is elke keer weer erg creatief. Ik kom er gemiddeld twee keer per week en ik vind altijd wel iets: schilderijtjes,60s 70s lampen,leuke vazen....mijn halve inrichting komt daar vandaan, erg verslavend!Ik kringloop het hele land door maar het Goed in Emmen is favoriet en ik woon gelukkig dichtbij! Ik heb je gezien daar die dag,leuk!

    1. Ah wat leuk! Fijn om er dichtbij te wonen. Ik kom uit Emmen, maar woon al 8 jaar in Utrecht dus altijd even langs gaan als ik bij mijn ouders op visite ben. Volgende keer hoi zeggen :D


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