December 9, 2012

Madame de Pompadour

Those of you following Fifties Darling already know where I go to get my hair done. The beautiful and talented Madame de Pompadour is a genius when it comes to hair. Not only is she a great hairdresser, she is an A-MA-ZING hair stylist as well! If you ever have a party, wedding or some kind of other festive occasion... go to her! Madame dedicated herself to authentic vintage craftsmanship, making all those gorgeous vintage hairdos possible. 
Weather it's a haircut, some dashing new color or a retro up-do you need; she is the one you want to go to when it comes to your hair! Her cozy shop is located in Utrecht, you can find the details on where that is and how to make an appointment on the Madame de Pompadour FB page. And of course the shop is not just for getting your hair done, you will also find a selection of retro hair products and a rack filled with vintage goodies by me! I made some pictures for you kittens to get you in the vintage mood. See you there?


  1. Oh I would be there if I could :)

  2. I would just love to go there, so incredible! Love all the vintage goodies! You are so lucky!


  3. Oh wat ziet dat er ontzettend leuk uit zeg! Misschien dat ik daar eens heen ga voor een gala ofzo! Lijkt me supersfeervol.


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