October 24, 2012

New in: vintage-y sale goodies

For a mere 35 euros, these four pretty darlings were mine. I found them at the online H&M store and they are more beautiful than I imagined. They're also quite comfortable; a quality I have been relying on more frequently over the last few months. For some reason my feet keep acting up out of the blue, so I need to think about what footwear to put on more then before.
Red patent brogues - Heeled oxfords
I do have a great tip for those of you coping with frequent 'blistering.' I got this advice myself from someone who is a frequent runner, who has never had a blister ever since he started using camphor spirit (kamferspiritus.) You can get this alcohol like substance at any pharmasist or better drug store. I used to have blisters all the time, literally ALL THE TIME. But since I have been using camphot on my feet: none!


  1. Wat een lovely broques! Die donkerrode, liefde!

  2. Oh! I love those shoes <3 Thanks for the advice, did not know it! ^^

    Kisses :)

  3. Oh what swoon-worthy shoes! I adore them so very, very much and hope you'll share some of the outfits you partner them with here for us to see.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love the brown and white shoes! I told you that you always find the best shoes, you need to live closeer..lol


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