October 31, 2012

Fabulous Fifties exhibition part: II

And here is part deux from the Fabulous Fifties (<- see the first part here) exhibition! There are even some dashing vintage chaps in these pictures...ooh la la ;) If you feel like revisiting part one again; click here. What a dream!
Ok... what does this scene make you think of?

The lovely beach-section of the exhibition...

(8) Booorn to be wiiihiihiihiiild (8)

Vintage inspired Vivienne Westwood designs

Home made designs from designer patterns (Vogue)

A black version of the Dior New Look 1947

Galliano for Dior anno 2009

The 50s, where 'strutting' around on the beach was still considered important

I SO want this hat *imaginary wishlist check*

...... MAD MEN a galore

Tante went for the black suit on the left...

This is so me :)

.... and this stunning grey suit

Wowie, work those abs miss!

Modern offices should look more like this!


  1. What a great exhibit! I love it. Did you style this?

  2. I agree! A totally vintage dream! I think I want every piece, so magical! I especially love the swimwear, just so wonderful for someone like me who hates revealing swimwear! LOL!



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