August 13, 2012

Ain't it Christmas yet...?

"No Tess no.... Christmas is far away. But that doens't mean you can not enjoy your fleamarket find." On a lovely sunny saturday, Marnix took me out on his bike and we went for a nice drive. We vistied the beautiful village Maarn, where we ran into a huge street fair. The fair was amazing and we scored some nice novelties as well. Have a look at what I found... 
My pride and joys were the fifties Christmas tree ornaments I had been craving for many years. Occassionally I found them, but they are always so annoylingly expensive... and since we have two silly kitties, I dindn't feel like spending 6 euro's on an delicate ornament each. The ones I found in Maarn were 50 cent each, a risk I am willing to take.

You might think that finding a brush isn't that interesting. This one however, is an old stock boar brush. I think it's probably from the sixties and these brushes are quite expensive these days. I really like the package as well. I even found an adorable hair clip to match. The spoon I took home because there is a doggy on it haha and the flowery box is just too cute. Last but not least are the two pairs of gloves; pretty gloves spice up even the most plain outfit.


  1. Ooooh jij bent al net zo'n kerst-fan als ik <3 Geweldige ballen! Laat jij je boom ook altijd heel lang staan?

    en die handschoentjes en dat borsteltje... beeeeldig.

    1. Ik neem 6 december altijd vrij om meteen de boom te kunnen ophalen en optuigen zelfs.... hahahaha

    2. Oh ik zet ook meteen de boom op als het mag :)

  2. Oh wat een leuke vondsten! Die handschoentjes zijn echt heel mooi! Nou alles eigenlijk. :)

  3. With vintage ornaments that lovely, I'd be tempted to keep them out all year. Marvelous finds one and all, I'd be drawn to all of those pieces, too (especially the beautiful gloves).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. De kerstballen zijn te gek! Ik ben er ook al een hele tijd naar op zoek, maar ze zijn meestal ontzettend duur... :-( Ik zet de boom vaak ook 6 december haha en dan 2 januari ruim ik m op. Het blikje is ook erg lief!

  5. Lovely finds! Well done for spotting them.

    It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas...

    Miss P xx

  6. Nice finds! I love the blue gloves especially. I made red ones myself ( a couple of weeks ago and was looking for a new pattern for another pair in black. Guess I found it now! Thanks for sharing! Liz


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