July 1, 2012

Your questions answered

Hey lovelies! It was great fun to read your questions and to answer them of course. Thank you so much for sending them :) I did this because I sometimes feel that my blog is not very personal, other than my style... but I'm not that good a writer, so responding to questions makes it easier for me to tell more about who I am hihi. Some questions/request I will work into future blogposts. Here are the ones I selected for now:

- When did you first discover you were into vintage?
I actually remember the day very well. I think I was in the fourth grade (highschool) when I went shopping with a girlfriend. My parents gave me a so called 'clothing allowance' for me to spend on everything wearable and that day I decided I wanted pumps. I stumplet into a pair of black Mary-Janes with a pink rim (at Van Haren oh yeahhhhh.) I thought they were the most beautiful shoes I'd ever seen so I bought them. They looked very vintage, but I didn't know that at the time. What I did knew is that I needed a dress to go with. So H&M provided me with a very typical fifties New Look dress to go with. Of course I didn't know that eitther, I just thougt it was a great match. Once home, I proudly showed my purchases to my mother and she instantly yelled 'oh you look so 'fifties'! 
Vintage mom ;)
And that's where she started telling me about her love for fashion and vintage when she was younger. I then and there found out she was quite the fashionista in her days. After discovering all this, I decided the fifties look and silhouette was the right shape for me (although I was much into the seventies as well.) I vintage-styled myself for a few years with modern day fashion (since there are NO vintage shops what so ever where I'm from.) When I moved to the 'randstad' a few years later, the vintage desire in me finally got the chance to roam free!

- What did you wear before you were into vintage?
That was bad.... nineties bad. Wrong so wrong...... Think 'Spice Girls' cropped tops and platform sneakers. Or 'grunge meets hippie' looks.... I blocked it out of my memories. Fortunately I still have some pictures -_- After that I soon started wearing vintage inspired looks.
Skinny 15/16 year old me

- Did you study something in fashion?
After highschool I started to study medicine. I had to find a job to finance that expensive study, and with my new found love for vintage I applied for a job in a vintage boutique. I got the job and worked there for about two years, next to the med study. Then I had an epiphany; I was very unhappy in my study and I LOVED my job. My 'passion for fashion' was much stronger then my love for the human body. So I quit the university. Started working fulltime to figure out what I wanted. I felt very strongly about becomming a fashion stylist so I searched for the right way to get educated. 'Another Academy' in Amsterdam, who offered an allround fashion-styling course, appealed the most to me so I applied. I got my diploma over a year ago now and things are going very well. I'm working as a freelance stylist, and my 'signature' is vintage.

- What is your favourite piece of antique/vintage jewelry?
That would have to be my gorgeous wedding ring! And the matching earrings I got from my husband. The picture doesn't do these beauties justice. But the stones are just so gorgeous, purple and green...depends on the light. They're set in a gold band with tiny diamonds. This is love! Fun fact; the earring were brought to the antique shop by someone else than the person who sold the ring. Them matching so well is a crazy, and oh so lovely, coincidence!

- What is your dream?
Fortunately my husband and I share one dream; to own a mansion with some property, somewhere in a lovely country side. With big trees in the backyard, a porch and maybe even some farm animals. If that were ever to be true, I'd want to open a B&B to share that amazing dream with travellers. Of course I'd also have a huge room filled with vintage gorgeousness and lots of space to continue my work in the fashion industry :D

- Who does your hair and do you have any hair advice?
I am a complete klutz when it comes to hairstyling. Everything I attempt fails 90%  of the time.... That is why I have an amazing hairdresser; Madame de Pompadour. She always knows how to cut and style my hair, because she really looks at the nature of my hair. I believe that is the most important thing for a hairdresser. Because that way my hair looks good on it's own after she gives it a cut and my clumpsyness isn't that big of a problem anymore. So mu advice would be; see her or someone like her in your region! A good haircut is the best base to work with :)
The way my hair naturally falls after a MP cut :)

- What can we wake you for at all times?
CUPCAKES! I love love love cupcakes. I love making them, eating them and looking at them. I'd eat them for breakfast, lunch and desert if I got the chance :)

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  1. Leuk om wat meer van je te weten! Ik geloof dat je er goed aan hebt gedaan om je hart te volgen- uiteindelijk word je daar gelukkig van. Ik denk dat je ver kan komen in de fashionscene, je timmert al aardig aan de weg!

    En grappig om te zien hoe je als 16-17 jarige was, haha. De Spice Girls waren vroeger wel hip, ik heb ook op plateauzolen gelopen :P Hoewel ik meer van de ghetto-chic look was, met blingbling en broeken met tijgerprints. Ooh, the shame...


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