July 23, 2012

What I've been upto lately...

This post will be published when I'm in Spain enjoying some much needed sun! I just wanted to show you some diary pics I made over the last few weeks, telling you what I've been up to. Since I have been so busy shooting ánd staring my new job as a Scotch&Soda stylist :D
1. Crappy Dutch summer... - 2. Lovely Turkish foods at a work lunch (L) - 3. Of course some disco bowling haha - 4.  I went to several fashion shows and events to check out the upcomming collections - 5. Watching roller derby - 6. Attending a coconut-party! - 7. Wearing my new studded boots to my new job! 8. New nailpolish = heavenly - 9. A casual look in between - 10. A selection from the Fifties Darling Boutique is now for sale at Madame de Pompadours new salon!

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  1. How exciting! Looks all so fantastic! You look pretty adorable attending that coconut party, love the top!




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