July 3, 2012

Thirties kitchenary

Such a cool ánd handy cutie this 1930s scale is. I purchased her at the most remarkable place. A biological farm we went to for free range eggs. I love going to those places to buy fresh eggs, karnemelk, meat ect.. And to cuddle with the cute animals of course... But this was the biggest surprise of the day; it turned out there was a little vintage kitchenary shop on the property as well. This adorable scale is still functioning very well and only cost me 5 euros! (L) After hitting Google I discovered she's probably from the thrities and made by the Swiss. But if you can tell me more about these darling scales; please do!


  1. Wat een schattige weegschaal! En dat voor zo'n prikkie! Gefeliciteerd :)

  2. What a magnificent find, and at the steal of the decade! I adore the colours and fonts at work on this classic scale, and really think you found a stellar piece of vintage kitchenware.

    ♥ Jessica


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