July 16, 2012

Red wedge beauties

Still very busy... I have been working fulltime for almost two weeks now (including the weekends.. so no days off) and I miss blogging so much! Fortunately it's all temporary :) I quickly wanted to show you these Mango beaties I'd been eying for a while. They didn't have my size in stock for weeks, and since they have been on sale for a while now I lost hope a bit... untill I discovered they were actually refilled! Of course I ordered them immediately.
They reached my doorstep within a few days. And I love love LOVE them in real life! Owwww....Don't you think receiving an exciting pink gift when comming home from work, is one of the best things in life?

1 comment:

  1. Wauw, deze wedges zijn echt heerlijk. Nu maar hopen dat de zomer enigzins op gang gaat komen binnenkort


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