June 17, 2012

Many thanks, to you! (L)

Dear readers, today I just wanted to write you all a special thank you. I know there are many blogs out there, and I really appreciate you comming to this one! It's quite hard sometimes, one can't help to get discouraged by the huge amount of blogs out there... but every time you guys leave a comment I feel hopefull! It really brightens up my day and puts a smile on my face :)
If there is something you would like to see more of; please do share! I'd love to hear your thoughts about vintage, fashion and everything else. Thank you so much darlings for the support and enthusiasm! It makes blogging worth while.

All my love and a big kiss,



  1. Your blog is so unique and well balanced - mixing vintage & modern, personal style and random things. It can get quite boring with plain 'one-topic-blogs' (regardless of the theme).
    I would love to see more of your house, decoration and all, nothing too private, just random bits.

  2. I would love to get some trift shop tips.
    The one in Haarlem, has some nice furniture, but the clothes are not great.
    And you always find sutch nice stuff.

  3. You're welcome :) I love your blog!
    (en ik voel wel een beetje hetzelfde wanneer iemand comment op mijn eigen blog, hahaha.)

  4. Really enjoy reading your blog, its a great mixed bag of all things vintage with a bit of a modern twist. x Fran

  5. It's my pleasure to read your blog. A smiling moment of my day.


... it makes my day!