June 6, 2012

Diary: week 22

Some final shopping for the shoot on wednesday... (and being sexy with a leather mask)

On the 'set' for the shoot (don't worry, we made it pretty)

Enjoying some SATC in between returns on thursday and friday

A more formal look for a business meeting (still love this vintage bag so much!)

Sneak preview to a thrifstore post....

On friday we attended a garden party (where I wore this)

On saturday we had a véry decadent meal (thanx daddy!)

Maybe you can guess what we had.... by looking at these 'tools'....


And I wore a Primark stripey top and gold leather sandals (very comfy!)

On sunday we visited the 'Fashion Garden' in Arnhem, to check out the collections of
some young designers (and I bought something..... which I'll show you soon)

My husband was enjoying the nice weather when I 'dragged' him to this fashion meeting

But fortunately we were able to forget the cold day, while enjoying
'All you can eat SUSSSHIII' with friends in the evening


... it makes my day!