May 23, 2012

The 'ugly' jacket

Sometimes I find myself in the situation, where something is just so 'wrong' I need to have it! This is what happened last week, when I was doing some Primark shopping. I spotted this satin leopard jacket from across the bargain-filled room and I went grabbed it immediately. When trying it on, I discovered the fit wasn't bad at all! So I took it home with me. The next day I wore it to the opening exhibition of Nicolien Bags.

Jacktet: Primark
Top: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Jeans: vintage Levi 501
Ring: Bijoux Brigitte
Necklace: vintage


  1. I have mixed feelings over this one. The fit is really good, but the print...dunno.
    Love how your hair colour matches your jeans :D

  2. Dat jasje is geweldig, ik hou wel van een beetje fout. En jij kan het hebben, want volgens mij staat jou een vuilniszak nog wel stijlvol en anders combineer je hem wel stijlvol.

  3. dat jasje is dus echt goed fout.
    ik hou er van.
    zo'n soort jasje staat ook nog op mijn lijstje.

  4. Heeel mooi!!


  5. The style of this reminds me of the Pink Ladies from Grease- can't beat a bit of that now can you?! You look great! x


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