May 7, 2012

New in: fresh label

I have so much trouble with finding jeans to fit me, it's almost ridiculous! The size difference between my torso and hips is just too big (sometimes up to three sizes!) The good thing is, I discovered there is one type of jeans that fits me like a glove. And even better; I really like the fit as well.... I'm talking about Levi's 90s 501. So the other day I got myself two new specimen in the loveliest colours.Here are they and my other purchases.
To go with my new jeans, I was looking for some more modern clothes. The last few weeks, I have been feeling a bit too vintage. I was in need of some more present-day looks to vary with from time to time. I recently discovered the label Libertine-Libertine from Copenhagen. Relatively new, L-L produces high quality and well-designed products which I really seem to like. So I went to Klijs&Boon where I scored a jacket and a lovely tee.
Vintage Levi's! (L)

Whiehhh unpacking my Klijs&Boon pressy

Mango Aztec shirt

Outfit pics will soon be shown

H&M cuties

Cute little boat!

Just love this fabric


  1. I have the problem with jeans too! Modern jeans expect women to have the tiniest, shortest bottom, and it just isn't happening for me!

  2. gaaf die gekleurde jeans.
    Het is dat ik de laatste tijd nauwelijks jeans draag.

    Heb je wel eens Dr. Denim geprobeerd? Hebben wel alleen skinny's. Maar die passen als enige merk perfect om mijn rondingen.

  3. Mooie aankopen, heel leuk die gekleurde jeans!


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