May 22, 2012

Into Indonesia

Most of you probably don't know I am actually part Indonesian. I used to be slighty coloured as a child, but I grew up having a very pale skintone. My grandfather was from Indonesia, but unfortunately he passed away before I was born. The thing I probably like the most about having Indo's in my family is the amazing food... and the fact that I'll never get sunburned haha.
I don't really own a lot of Indonesian art. I have never been there myself, and for some reason I wouldn't buy something from a modern (Dutch) shop. That just feels... wrong. Like wearing a shirt with 'I(L)NY' while never having set foot on American soil. BUT, an amazing Asian (which looks Indonesian to me, but I'm no expert... anyone?) bust from the fifties; that I have to take home... especially because it was (of course) a lucky thrif tstore find.

Isn't she a doll?


  1. Mooie vondst! En dat je hier eigenlijk niks Indonesisch wilt kopen, snap ik wel... je koopt een matroesjka-pop ook niet hier toch?

    Nog plannen om een rootsreis te gaan maken?

  2. Just gorgeous! What a find! X


... it makes my day!