May 12, 2012


Authentic clothing from the twenties is very hard to come by. And in the rare occasion I do stumble upon a piece that is over 80 years old, it is either black or a bad shape (most of the times; both.) Since I needed some old pieces for my fashion history workshop, I went looking on Marktplaats. That is where I found this gorgeous authentic 20s dress...
It's most likely from the mid twenties and still in good condition. An authentic silk twenties day dress with matching belt and the original slipdress still included... what a find! Of course I like the colour the most, and since the dress isn't wearable for someone with my figure... (I never did the twenties look well) I use it to decorate one of my fashionroom walls with. Such prettiness deserves to be looked at daily (L)

Now... of course I can not help you find a dress just like this. But recently I did spot a véry cute Maison Scotch dress that made me think of my twenties beauty immediately. The fabric even feels kind of the same. Yes... pretty!


  1. Oeh dat is een mooi exemplaar zeg. Schitterende kleur ja, en dat in nog zo'n goede conditie! Great find. ;-)

  2. ah wauw die ziet er heel mooi uit!


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