February 7, 2012

Old town

Today I went for a stroll through my favourite part of town. In the old centre of Utrecht, the area known as 'Oudegracht' is perfect for a combination of vintage, thrift and antique shops. I was looking for a tablecloth and some wine/champagne glasses today. I found both (yay!!) and stumbled upon two Andrew Sister records in the proces. But that's not all I found.... Let me take you on a tour, showing you some of my favourite adresses in Utrecht.

The first stop is a little shop called 'De Oude Pijpenlade.'  It's where my judenstil locket is from. This shop is just the cutest little place where you can literally spend hours of your time.... searching for little treasure. De Pijpenlade is filled with vintage and antique, mostly cute little thing (no furniture) like cutlery, old pictures, paintings, jewelry, all sorts of decorational materials, old records... and so on! Make sure you have some time when visiting this shop; you'll really need it, because they have a huge cellar filled with prettyness.

Second stop of the day was the Episode (across from the Pijpenlade); a vintage store selling mostly 1960s-1980s stuff.. but occasionally they'll have some nice forties/fifties accessories and dresses. It takes a bit of a search, because it's a big shop, but I always manage to find something there. Today I found a pretty embroided tablecloth and something that is just..... gorgeous....

Further up the the street (still the Oudegracht) you can find several establishments of the A.R.M. (thrifstores.) I have to say they're not cheap and you have to be lucky, but today I was... because I found the Andrew Sister records (I was looking for those for ages!) and champagne glasses there. Oh and in the past I bought a very pretty fox stole at the A.R.M., which is still one of my favourite items! They offer many different things.

Again a bit further up the Oudegracht, there is a little store that sells vintage/antique postcards, magazines and posters. The shop window alone is enchanting to look at. The owner is a really nice man, very passioned about his shop and he can really help you find what you're looking for. And if you are not looking for anything specific... just go there to look at the pretty pictures!

And here is today's most gorgeous purchase; a leather 
fifties bag with the best lining ever! 


  1. Great tips for another shopping spree in Utrecht! And you're right the bag is gorgeous!

  2. Leuk om te lezen / zien. En wat een prachtige tas!!


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