February 24, 2012


As a stylist, I come across loads of different labels and brands... And I have to say;  modern day fashion is just so dull most of the time! However, it's not easy to shop and wear vintage all of the time. And when doing a styling job, I'm obligated to use modern fashion as well! So from now on I'll share present-day fashion I came across, from which I believe has a certain vintage vibe. I'd like to start with 'Mint&Berry,' a véry cute brand from good old Berlin! I'll show you a small selection of my favourite items... don't these sweet soft colours just remind you of easter?

I just love the cute, forties and fifties vibe of these items. The colours, the print, the fabrics.... the details; it just works for me! The fact that this brand is reasonably priced makes it even more interesting. You can find more on the Mint&Berry website, and a huge part of their collection is also available on Zalando! Make sure to check it out, because these items are just the tip of a of the lovely iceberg called Mint&Berry.


  1. Gelijk even op zalando gekeken. Bedankt voor de tip. Ze hebben echt leuke kleren. Weet je ook hoe de maten vallen?

  2. I have almost the exact same cardie as the top one from Noa Noa! Weird!


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