February 12, 2012

Lovely hair

I wanted something different with my hair (again haha.) The sharp bangs and straight haircut had to make way for soft feminine curls. I used papillots to enhance the soft waves my hair naturally has and this is the result. Don't you just love the dress as well, a recent vintage buy.... I feel like such a fifties housewive now!

Dress: 50s vintage


  1. <3 Zowel het haar, de lipstick als de jurk.

  2. Your dress looks absolutely darling!
    Although my hair is short, because I spend a good 30 minutes blow-drying it once I'm out of the shower, I always feel a little better about myself after I've spent a good time doing my hair; of which yours looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Paris of Juno Barrington Vintage

  3. lovely hair! Love the curls and the dress.

  4. Leeeuk, je haar! :) mooi kleurtje ook.

  5. Very pretty hair! <3


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