January 30, 2012

Fleamarket fun!

I'm sure most of you know I love visiting fleamarkets. Yesterday me and my friend Tante Patent didn't just visit the local fleamarket in the Veemarkthallen... we rented a booth, brought pretty things and spend the day trying to sell beautiful vintage pieces! We were very pleased to see a lot of our gorgeousness went to sweet and appreciative customers. The best moment of the day; selling a dark blue ballgown to a 10-yeard-old girl  that she'll be wearing to a Fantasy Fair this spring(L)!
The building looked as vintage as our clothes!

Our booth and Tante enjoying a much deserved sandwich

Ahh just ook at those old stock cuties!

Unfortunately no one bought this gorgeous fifties wedding dress :(

Our view.... we believe the neighbours didn't sell a lot of cars yesterday

Some antique vests

How can you resist.....

Thé prettiest dresses ever!!

Good thing I wore my lammy coat; it was freezing!

Yummy.... sandwiches and coffee from Patricks Food Corner!

Tiny forties wedges... to die for (L)

We had such a lovely day! 


  1. Loving the building! Did you buy anything yourself?

    x L.


    1. I bought a cute little gold plated necklace with a dried flower pendant, for only 1 euro!

  2. Hahahah, looks like I was eating all day :)

    1. No man, it's the same sandwich hahaha


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