July 31, 2013

Trips, trics&outfit: House of Elliot-ish

The House of Elliot is one of the most intriguing restaurants in Gent. Pretty expensive (therefore we didn't actually eat there) but worth having a peek inside. Elliot is a roaring twenties inspired restaurant, based on the TV-series... House of Elliot (no shit Sherlock hahaha.) The whole restaurant, inside and out, screams 1920s luxury and decadence. It actually looks like a small vintage museum. Turned out that got everything to do with the owners love for nostalgia. When passing Elliot, we kind of ran into the owner and he told us about his antiques collection and passion for bygone decades. The current window display is filled with Josephine Baker novelties and inside of the restaurant stood an actual life size Baker doll from her Folies Bergère days. Such absolute delight to gaze at and dream about gorgeous times gone by.... Here are a few snaps from Elliot and the outfit I wore that day.

Kimono: Zara
Blouse: Anna van Toor
Pants: vintage (episode)
Bag: vintage (fleamarket)
Necklace: Zara
Earrings: Zara
Belt: vintage
Shoes: Bleyer


  1. Wow looks and sounds like a great place. Your earrimngs are stunning.


  2. That top, and the jewelry are beautiful!

  3. Really stellar, chic, fabulous ensemble, honey - those earrings are breathing!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Gorgeous pictures, and I must say that I really like your earrings, amazing color <3

  5. What a wonderful outfit - that place sounds amazing too!


  6. Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous, from top to toe! The colours suit you very well. I like how you combined jewellery in blue tones with it. The restaurant sounds like an exciting place, too.

    ~ Sesame


  7. I adore your look here, beautiful kimono! And those shoes....ah!


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