January 8, 2013

Vintage-y Sacha shoes

I love shoe store Sacha! They sell a great variety of shoes in all colors imaginable and the quality is great. Of course I love their vintage styled shoes the most. Good for us; the sale is now on full throttle and the prices are great. I put together a selection of my favorite pairs on sale. All of these heels are priced off 50% or more! And another interesting fact; you will now get an additional 50% off if you buy a second pair in the Sacha stores (not online unfortunately)! What do you think of these gorgeous heels?


  1. They absolutely are gorgeous!
    I already have too many shoes, otherwise I'd have loved to have some of those ;-)

  2. I love the last shoe so much! Perfect color!!!

    Pretty! Cool photos!



  3. Those shoes are amazingly beautiful! I lost my heart to the brown ones <3

  4. I am in love with the first two pairs of shoes you posted!

  5. Ohhh 50% off 2nd pair - i wish there was a store near me
    These shoes are really cute
    Thanks for sharing and have a nice day


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