October 14, 2012

Oldtimers and an autumn suit

When visiting a vintage fair; dressing up is almost a requirement... well to me it is. Most people here in the Netherlands don't feel the same way unfortunately. And this is where a not so obvious part of my personality starts kicking in. I sometimes feel conscious when dressing up, knowing almost everyone else will be strolling around in their jeans. I don't like standing out, but I do like (no LOVE) wearing vintage gorgeousness. The quality just feels so good and vintage wears are just too pretty to be true...
It's that deeply funded love for fashion history what convinces me to dó wear my fancy gear and just embrace the funny looks and whispers (with that I also mean the positive comment I get.... I am such a sucker when it comes to taking compliments; I tend to get all red and weird-ish... even though I appreciate them with all my heart!) So there you have it; I am actually quite shy when it comes to dressing up and being in pictures. Au contraire to what one might think when seeing a blog filled with outfit pictures.

I am sharing this with you lovelies now because I hope to inspire all of you out there interested in wearing vintage looks, while struggling with the similar shyness. Let this encourage you to not let your insecurities stop you, because it is a great sensation when you go out there looking fab :) And although I will probably always be a little conscious and a little shy, feeling confident in wearing whatever I feel like makes me very happy. What are your experiences and thoughts on this subject, I'd love to know?

Suit: vintage (Giensch)
Blouse: Primark
Shoes: thrifted
Hat: thrifted
Bag: vintage (Giensch)
Jewelry: antique/vintage


  1. Prachtige outfit! Vind vooral je hoed echt geweldig! En ik heb dat ook met die complimenten. Als ik een compliment krijg word ik ook rood en zeg ik iets van:"Oh, vind je?" in plaats van dankjewel ;)


  2. What a splendidly lovely outfit! I know precisely what you mean, honey. I'm, by nature, a very shy and self-conscious person who doesn't like to be the center of attention most of the time, yet by default wearing mid-century vintage (especially living in a small town, and a country where, as a whole, there aren't too many period appropriate vintage wearers out there) means that most (if not all!) eyes are on you wherever you go. I've found that this contrast in feelings has gotten easier to deal with over the years, though, but I think I'll always crack a little smile to myself over this interesting point.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That hat is quite fetching. I don't think I get so many stares because my fondness is only for hats, but I feel that most people see the fantastic smile on my face and figure that I know something they don't know.

  4. Totally incredible outfit for a vintage fair! You should never feel shy about dressing with some vintage class as I wish more people would dress up and this may inspire them!


  5. What a wonderful outfit! I love those stockings.


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