June 19, 2012

My darling vintage home

As a response to a suggestion one of you lovelies made; some pictures of our living room! We moved into this house by the end of 2011 and so far the living room is my favourite space (and my fashion room of course.) 
We created a tv-lounge area at the front of the house and a dining area in the back. I love the door that opens right in to the garden, makes the outside feel like it's part of the living room. The open kitchen is located behind the dining area and has another door opening into the backyard.... which is kind of weird and awesome at the same time. Oh and I have a special 'beauty corner' as well (on the left in the picture above.)
My husbands shoes go well with the carpet
Almost all of out furniture and decorations are vintage or thrifted, we really don't like modern interiors to be honest. When moving into the house, we had absolutely no plan concerning interior decorating... and we still don't. What we have is just a random collection of things we find pretty, comfortable or just so incredibly ugly it's fun haha. 
Our lovely fifties designer chairs; so comfy!

I like cans... and the darling dog was a gift (it was a running gag  to give
us glazed german shepherd figurines for our new house... joy haha)

Peonies are my absolute favourite!

The only 'new' item we bought at Aba-i; a handmade Numdha alphabet

Yay my beauty corner! This great 1920s dresser used to be my mums

Random thrifted pictures on the wall (L) The kitchen and the garden are on the left ->


  1. That dresser :) My mom owns almost the same... Love it! Reminds me of the times I dressed up as a little girl trying out all of the perfumes my mother put on it... she loves perfume bottles; old perfume bottles that is; so it stunk! But (unfortunately) I will own the dresser in the future (hope it's a long long time from now).

    1. Well my mum is fortunately still here to enjoy me having it :)

  2. I absolutely love your beautycorner!
    Ziet eruit als een gezellig thuis. :)

  3. Your living room is lovely and light, love your random collection, just the way I like!

  4. I really love your eclectic taste! and that 1920's dresser that was your moms is amazing! Really nice addition! Thanks for sharing your home!


  5. Your home is so lovely and inviting! It looks like a really lovely space to spend time in.


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