September 28, 2013

Tips&trics: A quicky vintage updo how-to

Occasionally you lovelies ask me about my hair and how I create some of my up-do's. To be frank, I am no genius when it comes to hair styling... but I did manage to find myself a few easy going routines over the years. Here is one of my favorites, since it only take a few minutes (literally like 4... 5 max) and it tops almost any vintage-y look off. Let me run you through the steps!

The quick and easy updo

You will need: a proper brush, bobby pins (I'd say about 10-12) and an elastic band

Divide your hair into three sections, the middle section being the thickest one (1/2/1)

Turn the middle section into a ponytail with a clean and thin elastic band

Then run the band toward the end of that ponytail

Grab the remaining (tiny) ponytail and start rolling it towards your head (inwards)

Secure the roll with some bobby pins (don't be shy with the pins though, you want the roll to be solid)

Grab the two remaining sections of hair and start braiding the first one. You can use a small
band to close the braid if your hair is less stubborn as mind haha

Wrap the braid over the roll and secure the braid on several points with bi-ba-bobby pins

Don't braid the sections of hair at once; the one you wanted to secure second
will be unraveled by the time you get to it haha

Braid the last section of hair, wrap it around the first braid and roll, secure it with
bobby pins as well and make sure the ends are tucked in nicely

ET VOILA! Easy does it <3 Like this do, but not the braids?
Check out this tutorial by Irene!


  1. Wow I love it and it's so simple! My hair is too short and layered for this style though :-(

  2. That looks amazing. I´m absolutely going to try it, thanks for sharing :)

  3. wow! this is cool <3
    I never thought this pretty simple ;)

  4. Looks lovely! Going to definitely give this one a go - thanks for sharing this!

  5. You have the most gorgeous, thick, wonderful hair. It suits a classic style like this superbly. Thank you very much for the lovely tutorial, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Wouw, ziet er super leuk en makkelijk uit! Deze ga ik zeker onthouden! Ik ben ook echt geen ster met m'n haar doen (understatement), maar de Gibson tuck en mijn eigen bedachte side updo lukken me nog wel in 4 pogingen, haha! Deze gaat me ook wel lukken denk ik! :)

  7. Awesome tutorial and looks soooo easy! I wish I had thicker hair, I bet it wouldn't work out with my thin hair.. :<


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