July 8, 2013

Trips&trics: Medieval Gent

You probably know by now that we love to roam around cities all over the world to enjoy local life. Last weekend, Gent was up to be graced with our presence (hihi... graced...) As I did with my Roman posts, and blogs from Paris, I will also run you through some of my favorite moments in Gent. We always aim to get the maximum out of the trips we make and we succeeded greatly in Gent. The reasonably small center made it able for us to really tick off all the points on our'Gent to-do list.'
Of course; drink some great (local) beers. A lot of cafes have their own
special house beer. Always worth the try! We love 'Klokke Roeland'...

..... available at Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant

In the center of Gent you will find the well kept castle Gravensteen; used as a dungeon and is
now a museum of torture. Much fun to visit!

Go and check out the streets in 'Patershol.' You will find ancient streets
filled with culinary hot spots.

Visit one of the many many lovely little shops

Be sexy lik hell (like I am in this picture obviously)....

Take a boat tour through the canals; the guides know a lot of fun facts about Gent
and it's great to watch watch all the beauty from a different point of view

Another adorable shop!

Tante Patent and her DIVINE bag (L)

Really take a moment to see what is surrounding you; Gent has so many gorgeous sights
one might forget to really take it in after a while....

Find a nice restaurant with Belgian foods; (rabbit) stew, garnalenkroketten or 'Waterzooi'....
indulge yourself in (one of the) local specialties

Finally... just have fun!
(Dress: Miss Candyfloss, Notorious - Coat: vintage - Sunnies: fleamarket)


  1. Leuk leuk! En fijn dat jullie nu weer Nederland 'gracen' met jullie aanwezigheid ;)

  2. ...and fun is definitely what it looks like you were having in this immensely pretty city. Love your outfit - the cream coat and round sunnies work so well together.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Heee, je hebt dezelfde jurk als ik (ik heb hem in rood). Mooi is die hé!

  4. My boyfriend told me how beautiful Gent is and he will take me there when I come in Belgium. Can't wait, it is so wonderful town!


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