July 21, 2013

Trips&travels: Gent by Night

Of course the Belgian nightlife had to be explored as well. On the first night we were there started in a quirky bar called 'Pink Flamingo's' and after that we ended up in the 'Trollekelder.' Both very different from each other but loads of fun. We met some awesome Gentenaren (locals) and grilled them about the best places to be. It turned out Gent has something in store for everyone, especially for hedonists like ourselves. The next day we had dinner at 'Mosquito Coast', a fun and gorgeous travel inspired cafe. The food was delicious and the cocktails were even better. To us, these three places were to go to after the sun went down.


  1. I m glad I read your posts before my travel to Belgium :).
    I heard that night life is wild in Belgium :)

  2. The neon cocktail sign is so fabulously cool! I don't own a bar and can't even drink alcohol (due to medical reasons), but I so want one just like it for the kitschy, awesomeness factor it conveys.

    ♥ Jessica


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