June 21, 2013

Personal, thrifted&new: Market hauls

We have been cruising through several flea markets, vintage events and thrift stores over the past few weeks. Primarily to score some home decorations, like mirrors and lamps. But of course I always keep my eyes open for other vintage treasury in between! I have to say we have not been as thrifty lately as we were before an whenever I go thrifting of vintage shopping, I feel like I am a bit 'reserved'. Like I said in a post before, I now go looking for more specific items to enrich my vintage treasury, instead of just buying everything I love. Now this is not a negative thing at all of course! For starters it is more economical and it allows me to enjoy what I do buy even more. Have any of you vintage shopping lovelies encounter this 'change' of shop-wise thinking?

A silver rose Marnix got me

I always love these crystal 50s necklaces (L)

A lovely silk 'Belle Epoque' scarf

Silver pocket mirror

Adorable 1940s inspired sunnies

And last but not least; these very comfortable leather kittens from Bleyer.
I tried them on at the vintage fair in Hoorn and ended up regretting not buying them.
Fortunately I got to order them through Rock&Roll kleding!

And I am glad I did... I needed a vintage inspired pair of heels
that are a bit more comfy and less high.


  1. Mooie dingen zeg! Echt heel lief dat je man dat roosje voor je gekocht heeft.
    Ik herken het ook wel, vroeger kocht ik alles wat ik maar leuk vond, nu ben ik een stuk kritischer. M'n kledingkast puilt gewoon teveel uit. Ik koop nog steeds veel, maar lang niet meer zoveel als eerst. :)

  2. My dear, what terrifically lovely treasures you've unearthed. From the sunnies to the Victorian print scarf, I love it all! :)

    Happy start of summer!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love all what you bought. Can't wait to come to NL and Be to go at vintage shops :)

  4. wow waar heb je die bril gekocht die ziet er echt vet uit.


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