April 3, 2013

Tips&trics: Kringloper Naarden

Let me start of with my first response when entering this thrift store: wow.... WOW! I had not been to De Kringloper Naarden before and I was blown away after my first visit. This thrift store is amazing! Of each category I can think of (clothes, books, housewares etc.), this store has at least section and each area is very elaborate. The sections are divided over two huge floors and everything is neatly organized. The clothing section was like a little boutique, with four fitting rooms and a huge selection of accessories. This thrift store is able to provide an entire family with hours of treasure hunting and the prices are very reasonable. Books for a few euros, glasses for 10 cents, great furniture for less than 50 euros, gorgeous leather suitcases for 6 euros... very reasonable indeed! In between you can enjoy a nice little snack in the cozy lunchroom... let me run you through the store with these pictures.
Need some wall decoration? The place was packed with frames, paintings, photographs
and what not.... I took this embroidered scene with me (50% off)

There were a lot of vintage baking goodies present... loved this old cake tin!

Of course there was no lack of awesome furniture....

..... or gorgeous crockery....

(just ask Marnix hahaha)

In every corner I stumbled upon interesting novelties

Loved this 'Hansel & Gretel' scene....

I also made a new friend. I call her 'Mona'

Mona is very stylish

The clothing area is elaborate and so much fun!

I even tried on some eighties violence

And cried when I couldn't take these babies home (size 8)

Much to choose from in the cozy lunchroom!
Yes, I would definitely recommend visiting De Kringloper Naarden. You can find everything you can think of and more... along side with the regular sections, this thrift store is expanded with a big hardware and garden section, bike area, sporting goods and so on... to much to be true hihi. We had loads of fun there and of course I will be showing my purchases later....


  1. Ik hou van kringloop winkels!

  2. Aaaaah, die stoelen! Ziet eruit als een leuke winkel :)


  3. het is inderdaad een geweldige kringloop. En hoewel ik heel goed ben in het vinden van leuke dingetjes voor in huis. Voel ik me bij de kleding altijd te chaotisch om iets moois te zien. toch maar eens meer op oefenen

    1. Nou durf ik je eigenlijk niet meer mee te nemen naar die in Maarssen hoor =P Dit ziet er geweldig uit!

  4. Nice! Did they have more instruments?

    1. They did, but I'm not quite sure what exactly (since I didn't focus on them hihi) and in what shape they were....

  5. The hansel and Gretel scene is so so cute :)

  6. What an absolute treasure trove of vintage goodies!


  7. Jep, nice cake-tin. I have the same and it still works nicely ;)
    I so wanna go there...

  8. Ik ga heel vaak naar de kringloper in naarden maar om eerlijk te zijn vind ik ze vaak nogal overpriced nog steeds goekoper dan antiek winkeltjes maar nog steeds te duur voor een kringloper ik heb er wel mijn favo original nooit gedragen jas uit 1956 vandaan die nog cooler is omdat hij toen in een atelier in amsterdam gemaakt is.


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