December 1, 2012

The Christmas Party

What to wear to a Scotch&Soda retail party with the dress code 'Dress to Impress.......' Hmm a vintage dress would be my weapon of choice, but since it was a work related event I figured something 'Scotchie' was kind of mandatory. So I choose to wear my favorite Scotch item, this dark burgundy silk shirt which is to-die-for gorgeous! I paired the shirt with a huge skirt and vintage goodies. For those of you wondering; the party was amazing! My colleagues looked dashing, the band was hilarious and the venue was an amazing old monastery. All the ingredients needed to dance the night away... which we did. We did indeed ;)

Skirt: Claes Iversen for WE
Silk shirt: Maison Scotch
Booties: Primark
Hat: 50s vintage (Giensch)
Clutch: vintage (Sugar Sugar)
Necklace: 80s vintage (Doortje)


  1. Wonderful, I like your hat, and skirt :)

  2. How fabulous is that?! The shoes are divine.

  3. Scahttige dansende foto's! Ik ben nog bezig met het liebster award ;)

  4. What a perfect outfit to wear to an event! You look smashing! I love every piece that you are wearing! So chic!

  5. I love the outfit! Especially the dramatic skirt... do you have more detailed pictures of it?

  6. It's not too late to mail me the skirt and those fabulous shoes! lol :D

  7. I seriously had to pause when I saw this. That outfit is amazing. Very "Scotchie". I love wearing shirts and little bows. Totally reminds me of my grandma's style.

  8. Glorious skirt and shoes. Love, and want it all.

  9. Where are these places that you got your skirt and shoes? I love them both bunches! want!

    1. The shoes are Primark darling! And the skirt is from WE (the Claes Iversen line)


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