December 23, 2012

ILV X-mas market report!

I do hope some of you darlings got the chance to visit ILV X-mas market, because it was amazing! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to visit the market on the 21st due to some personal matters.... but fortunately I did manage to squeeze in some time at the end of the day to make a quick stop at the ILV headquarters. 
I met my lovely darling Madame de Pompadour there, together with the ILV crew.... such kind, fun and stylish ladies I might add! Of course we roamed through the market ourselves and we found some fantastic goodies. It was truly like a treasure hunt. I have to say the assortment at the market was great and the prices were even better. The shop itself was as gorgeous as ever and the collection of dresses is just amazing; if you still need a party dress you know where to look! My finds will be shown later... but first some pictures (for those of you who weren't able to visit) I made at the market and in the shop!
From the market; all knits for 5 euros!

Vintage hairstyle and a cloud of petticoats.... (L)

What's your favorite color?

Kitchy and cute

All pumps between 7.50 and 20 euros

Madame herself

Cute pecan pies from Dikke Lepel

To protect your vintage hairdo from the rain!

Gorgeous displays at the ILV store


The pretty fitting rooms at the store

Isn't this the prettiest store you've ever seen.....?

Loads of dangling fun


I want one of these in my house haha

Ginger bread people!

Go get your flapper on!

A big kiss from Madame and me!


  1. Lovely things and lovely girls!!! I wish you one wonderful Christmas day! <3

  2. Dat ziet er echt zaaaalig uit. Jammer dat ik in Antwerpen woon en moet blokken voor mijn examens anders was ik er ook bijgeweest. Hopen dat ze het snel nog eens organiseren!

  3. Zo leuk! Ik ben ook geweest! Ik heb een rok en een blousje gekocht voor in totaal 5 euro! Yeuuyy! Ben benieuwd naar jou aankopen! :)


  4. Prachtige foto's!!!

    xoxo, Femke
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  5. Everything looks so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your shopping trip with us who live too far away to visit. Love your blog!

  6. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je "schatjes" ... alleen moet ik nu wel even mijn tranen drogen , ohw boy ohw boy why didn't I had the time ??
    *zucht nog maar eens diep *

    Prachtige inspirerende foto's trouwens , love it


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