December 14, 2012

Embrace your hips!

Now is the time for all you sexy curvy ladies to stand up! Because your hips can now earn you money at I Love Vintage. The bigger your hips... the bigger your discount will be! Simply visit the ILV store in Amsterdam and get your foxy curves measured. The ladies with hips that are over 90cm will get a discount; Isn't that amazing! I for one can say I absolutely love love LOVE this gesture and I think it is fantastic of ILV for wanting to put a very feminine aspect of our bodies in the spotlight! For years we have watched the fashion industry fight against curvasiousness and feminine shapes; here ILV is to make a very bold gesture in the opposite direction! They love hips, we love hips, I love hips.... It's time to show them off!

Here is what ILV founder Faranak Mirjalili had to say about the campaign: "Throughout the history many body shapes have been socially branded as 'ideal' and countless generations of women have felt the need to comply with that. In the early eras you were considered perfect with a flat chest, a tiny waist and huge buttocks, whereas in the 20's the ideal body was 'boyish' and curve-less. A few decades later the voluptuous hourglass figure became 'hot' again. Since the 60's, the ideal body shape has become more and more alienated from the figure most women gain after their puberty. Over the past few decades the media has extensively promoted a thin female body with big breasts - a body shape that very often doesn't come naturally and therefore is very stressful to strive for. With this campaign, we are putting the curvasious woman, that the fashion industry seems to have forgotten, in the spotlights again and at the same time we're making a bold statement in the fashion industry and all the weight issues it has brought to this date."
And of course they also thought about you slender loves out there; you will get a gorgeous piece of chocolate from the best chocolatier in Amsterdam.... I say go to ILV between the 14th and the 24th of December and join the hip-festival there. I sure know I will make my way to Amsterdam as soon as I get the chance.... I even did some 'pre-examination' on my own body hihi. Proud to say; my hips measure 110cm! Yay for curves! See you at ILV ;)


  1. Wauw dit vind ik inderdaad echt een fantastische actie! En het is echt win-win! Of een leuke korting, of heerlijke chocola! Dus welke heupmaat je ook hebt, je wordt er altijd voor beloond! Ieder lichaam is prachtig! <3

  2. How wonderful, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am proud of my hips, indeed.

  3. Ha, eindelijk een voordeel dat ik aangekomen ben ! ;-)


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