December 29, 2012

A family Christmas

I love Christmas. The food, the music, the lights, the tree and and the presents! I love to give them, wrap them, look at them and foremost open them. This Christmas, we spend hours opening our presents since we were celebrating with a big family and an even bigger pile of gifts. Some gifts were funny, some gorgeous, some cute, some touching.... but every single present unwrapped as some sort of delight. In between removal of pretty paper, we enjoyed lovely foods and drinks.(*sigh* isn't eating just one of the best past-times in the world? ) And each others company of course....

Let me run you through my presents; Dior Pure Poison (my favorite perfume for over 10 years!), a gorgeous sparkly bracelet, a boiled woolen scarf from Maison Sotch, a rose patter boudoir kimono, an old silver dresser set, a beautiful embellished clutch, a pop cake maker (oh yeaaahhhh), princess cake mix, a little fluffy owl to cuddle with and...last but not least... a skid training course I will be attending with my darling husband and brother. Thanks dear family for these great gifts and the lovely time together!  Yeah, I had a wonderful Christmas. How was your Christmas darlings?


  1. Lovely presents! Die borstel set, ik heb ook zoiets ooit in Parijs gekocht. Love it!

  2. Hello! We have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  3. Ohhhhh...Very cool gifts!! I hope you loved all... :)

  4. Amazing presents! I just love the silver dresser gift!



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