June 2, 2012

Fifties beach...

I love, love, LOVE the new 'H&M for water' collection. It has the most amazing fifties beach vibe. I bought a gorgeous bikini (which I'll show later of course...) But I have to say, I loved this cute little suit the most. The short ends very high in the waist and the matching top couldn't be more ' on y va à la plage 1955...' It could actually be more forties as well, but you know me; the fifties lover haha.

Unfortunately the fit wasn't good for me, but I almost bought it anyways because I was completely in love. There is a cool bathing suit as well, and a Hawaiian blouse... and.... Oh just go check the complete collection out on H&M!

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  1. haha i know what you mean i´m so in love with this collection too and i bought the bikini, the hawaian shirt and the sunglasses;)
    love and kiss,mary


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