March 15, 2012

The Greek Dress

This willowy cotton maxi-dress is another great thrifstore find. I found it yesterday, for a few euro's and it is so very nice to have on my body. The dress is made out of breezy cotton and is very 'flowy.' Because of the drappy-ness, it reminds me of the old Greeks... who used to wrap big cloths (a so called 'peplos') around their bodies which they attached with big pins (a 'fibula') on the shoulders. This dress will be amazing in the summer... I can just see myself enjoying a gorgeous sunset in the park in this darling... Simply divine (in al senses of the word haha.)


  1. Die lijkt me inderdaad comfortabel... mooie print ook!

  2. what a lovely dress, sure looks divine to me:) when you go thrifting, where do you do that in Holland?X Kim

    1. I often go to: Zeist, Maarssen, De Bilt and sometimes Utrecht. But I have to say I visited thriftstores all over the country

  3. Know any good ones near Den Haag?:)

  4. oh what an adorable dress you look so darling in it;) i just found your blog via facebook and had to stop by and now i´m following;)
    love and kiss,mary


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