January 13, 2012

Working week

Oh lovely friday... are you here already? Time flies when you're busy working, styling, thrifting, teaching and cuddling fuzzy little kitties (and your boyfriend of course) haha. This is what a regular work-week looks like for me.
Wearing my favourite coat (Burberry) and scarf; I'm ready for another work-week!

On tuesdays, I teach fashion-history on a highschool

My students made a pretty twenties moodboard!

Oh how I love to pair-up our dolls (L); 3 days a week I work at a vintage boutique!

Where we always enjoy fresh coffee and hot chocolate from
The Village (across from the shop)...

And make cute drawing from time to time....

Look at this gorgeous display, made by my colleagues

The time I'm not working in the shop or teaching, I spend on styling. I'm busy making moodboards and trying to think of new ideas for shoots. When I get a team together, we'll head of to a location that fits the theme and we'll  make pretty pictures! All for the benefit of my portfolio, which in the near future will hopefully help me to find some great styling jobs :)


  1. Oh wat een lovely week heb jij. Erg leuk om dit te lezen. En leuke foto's zoals altijd.

  2. Wat een leuke week inderdaad,
    en fantastisch die vintage store!


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