November 16, 2011

My fashion room

Since we moved to a new house, I also needed a new room to put all my gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories. I chose a nice ligth room in the house and I picked the colour white for the walls and floor, figured that would be a good base colour. I installed racks for my clothes on one side, and on the opposite wall I installed five big shelves. I put my old dining table in there to use as a working table, for making collages and stuff. Filled it up with my vintage/styling collection and here it is!




  1. Jeeee! Mooi geworden hoor. En wat hangen de vosjes knus bij elkaar. Je 19de eeuwse prenten en de lamp maken het af. Jaloersch!

  2. Ik wil daar heel graag een keer gewoon even zitten.

  3. Grrr wat gaaf! Lekker kleurrijk en vol prints. i like it :D

    Eva Floor

  4. moooooooiii!! I love it! (behalve die vosjes, daar ben ik zelf geen voorstander van)



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